Screw type connectors, M8

The Katlax introduces M8 Screw Type - Solderable pin connectors to its wide range of connectors. Katlax produces Connectors in its SBU Interface Product Group. This is the latest addition in the range of connectors. M8 screw type connectors are available in various combinations i.e. straight, right angled, male, and female.

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage : 240 VAC / VDC
Operating Current : 3A
No. of Poles : 4
Protection Class : IP 67 / IP 68
Temperature Range : 0 to 70O C
Housing : Nylon 66 / PU
Contact Material : Cu Zn / Sn

These connectors and cable assemblies have been accepted by United States & European market against international competition.

Katlax Interface Product Group (IPG) has developed innovated and indigenously made various types of connectors and cable assemblies for sensors. Connectors other range of products are:

  • Screw type straight
  • M-12 Plastic (M&F) Connector
  • M-8 (M & F) Straight
  • Quick Connect Series Connector
  • M-8 Female Right Angle
  • M-12 Female Right Angle
  • M12 Female Straight
  • M-12-5 Pin Male (up to 8 pin)
  • M-12-4 in male connector

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December'15/January 2016