Explosion proof extension cord




The Magnalight EPEXC-100-250V Explosion Proof extension cord allows operators to safely extend the range of their explosion proof light or equipment cords beyond the boundaries of the hazardous work area.

These units are constructed of 100 feet of 12/3 SOOW explosion proof cord rated at 250 volts. The cord is chemical and abrasion resistant and comes with an explosion proof receptacle installed on one end and an explosion proof plug installed on the other end.

We also include an extra matching plug for operators to attach to their equipment which allows them to avoid any issues with plug and receptacle equipment compatibility with this cord. The plugs on these units are a two pole three wire configuration. To ensure the highest safety, operators should make connections outside of the hazardous area.  Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Lighting, Explosion Proof Light Fixtures, Grinders, Wet areas or Locations Where Combustible Dust is Present.




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December'15/January 2016