Modular contactor with Auto-on-off functionality provides reliable switching

The 22 Series modular contactors offers greater integration of controls and automation for your control panels and enclosures. Wherever you need the power to be, this Series offers 25 - 40 - 63 Amps for your 2 or 4 pole applications. The AC/DC coil with Varistor protection has a virtually silent operation, thus is suitable for industrial, residential, hospital, hotel and commercial installations.

Provided in compact 17.5mm and 35mm wide housings, the 22 Series contactors include a standard 35mm DIN rail mounting installation and both mechanical and LED status indicators for enhanced system diagnostics. The contactors’ minimum 3mm double break NO contact gap and protective separation between coil and contacts ensures that installation safety standards are met. For extra flexibility, an add-on auxiliary contact block and an auto-on-off selector switch variant are also included in the series.

The contact material options are AgNi and AgSnO2, the first intended for resistive and slightly inductive loads as well as motor loads, the latter for lamp loads and high inrush current loads. The contact configurations for the 2-pole products are 2NO, 1NO+1NC and 2NC and for the 4-pole products, 4NO, 3NO+1NC and 2NO+2NC. The auxiliary contact block is provided in 1NO+1NC and 2NO versions. The Finder 22 series modular contactors are designed and tested in accordance with EN 61095: 2009.

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December'15/January 2016