Vacuum Generator Circuit-Breakers For Power Stations & Industry

Siemens offer vacuum generator circuit breakers Type tests as specified in IEC 62271-100 are performed as a rule for all siemens circuit breakers. Generator circuit breakers 3AH37 and 3AH38 are also tested in accordance with IEEE Std C37.013.

This North American ANSI Standard is the only worldwide standard to take into account the incresed requirements to which equipments is subjected when switching generators

As a result, it has also become the leading standard for generator circuit-breakers in IEC-oriented professional circles. It addresses in particular missing zero crossings with generator-side faults, higher DC components, higher test voltage levels and higher TRV rates of rise for mains operated faults. Modular high current and generator circuit-breakers from Siemens offer concrete benefits in everyday operation :

  • High mechanical stability through the column construction
  • Compact dimensions through vertical arrangement of the vacuum interrupters
  • Low fire load as solid insulation is not required
  • No forced cooling required because of free convection
  • Secondary equipment can be easily retrofitted
  • Maintenance-free throughout its entire service life
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Type-tested according to IEEE Std C37.013-1997

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December'15/January 2016