Enclosures & Control Panels

Heating and Ventilating Air Conditioning Unit - Ex-Proof HVAC

AXIS has developed an ATEX/IECEx-compliant HVAC system that provides all-in-one climate control and personnel safety solution for walk-in style process analytical Analyser shelters. XVAC Unit design allows high moisture removal capacity to provide both sensible and latent heat reductions for temperature and humidity control. It contains Flame proof & weather proof Exd type electrical enclosure and Flame proof electrical motors.

Axis brings you explosion proof equipment to meet diverse and exacting demand which runs trouble free for 24X7 in Oil & Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical industry for conditioning of air. This is  suitable for zone 1,IIB+H2,T3.

Outdoor equipment enclosures simplify instrumentation installations in ultra-cold environments

A new high capacity, easy-access enclosure from Intertec provides plant engineers with a versatile alternative to free-standing cabinets for the environmental protection of field-based process instrumentation. Developed at the request of a Russian oil refinery, the enclosures are made from tough glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and include highly insulated options for use in extremely cold climates. They also offer more space than typical instrument enclosures, to allow plant personnel to use gloved hands when accessing the equipment. Typical applications include housing differential pressure flowmeters and process transmitters in refineries, petrochemical and chemical processing plants.

Intertec’s new Diabox 277 enclosure provides a high capacity, easy–access environmental protection solution for field-based instrumentation.

Cube-shaped process instrumentation sunshade lowers the costs of field protection

Intertec has launched a large cube-shaped sunshade for process instrumentation. It provides plant engineers with a highly cost-effective means of shielding equipment such as electronic monitoring systems, explosion-proof junction boxes or analyser installations from solar radiation. Dubbed CubeShade, the protective cover measures 600 x 550 x 500 mm (HxWxD). This provides a massive 165 litre capacity shaded environment that makes it easy to accommodate and protect large or multiple instruments, as well as simplifying maintenance access.

Intertec’s new CubeShade provides plant engineers with a highly cost-effective means of shielding field instrumentation from solar radiation.

Flameproof enclosures, Ex de Solutions offer all the benefits of Ex e and Ex d

The Perfect Combination

Custom solution for integrating electrical components and control elements in a device that offers both Ex d and Ex e protection

Tailor-made Ex de solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs offer all the benefits of the Ex e and Ex d ignition protection classes in an ideal setup. These solutions are designed and built locally around the world in the company's Solution Engineering Centers, to customers' specific requirements.

Modular contactor with Auto-on-off functionality provides reliable switching

The 22 Series modular contactors offers greater integration of controls and automation for your control panels and enclosures. Wherever you need the power to be, this Series offers 25 - 40 - 63 Amps for your 2 or 4 pole applications. The AC/DC coil with Varistor protection has a virtually silent operation, thus is suitable for industrial, residential, hospital, hotel and commercial installations.

Vacuum Generator Circuit-Breakers For Power Stations & Industry

Siemens offer vacuum generator circuit breakers Type tests as specified in IEC 62271-100 are performed as a rule for all siemens circuit breakers. Generator circuit breakers 3AH37 and 3AH38 are also tested in accordance with IEEE Std C37.013.

This North American ANSI Standard is the only worldwide standard to take into account the incresed requirements to which equipments is subjected when switching generators

Connectors For Extreme Environments, MicroTCA

The HARTING MicroTCA Backplane connector passes the ruggedized environmental test according to the draft specification MTCA.3.

The PICMG, a leading standards organization for the communications, industrial and embedded computer industries, recently announced the successful completion of the “MicroTCA Conduction Cooled” testing. The MTCA.3 subsidiary specification of MicroTCA targets to defense and aerospace applications with extreme requirements for vibration, shock and temperature range based on MIL-STD-801.

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