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DCS Migration Solutions Family with ControlLogix® to Moore APACS module

ProSoft Technology has added a new module to its family of legacy DCS Migration Solutions.

The ControlLogix® to Moore APACS module allows users to take a phased-migration approach when upgrading their legacy Moore APACS DCS systems. The module lets the user's new PlantPAxTM system control existing Moore/ Siemens® APACS+ IO Bus Remote I/O. This phased migration allows users to complete their upgrade with minimal scheduled downtime.
The in-chassis solution joins two other DCS migration modules that allow PlantPAx systems to control existing Honeywell IPC 620 and Fisher PROVOX I/O. For more information about ProSoft's Migration Solutions for legacy DCS systems.

ProSoft Technology also offers solutions for Remote I/OTM and DH+TM migrations and legacy PLC migrations that help ease the hassle of needed upgrades.

Modbus and PROFINET together with four new gateways

Need to connect PROFINET and Modbus devices? ProSoft Technology has four new gateways that help users do just that:

  • If you have Modbus devices on several networks, our PROFINET Device to Modbus Serial Gateway with four Serial ports can help. 
  • Want to avoid changing IP addresses to have your OEM machine communicate with your PLC? The Modbus® TCP/IP to PROFINET Device Gateway allows users to do just that by communicating with devices that are on two different subnets. 
  • If you need to connect to a single serial network, the Modbus Serial to PROFINET Device Gateway is the answer. 
  • If your devices are all on the same subnet, our Modbus TCP/IP to PROFINET Device Gateway is ideal.

All four gateways enable bi-directional data transfers. The gateways support disaster recovery through an optional SD card, allowing for configuration recovery if an issue arises.

RPS Endurance inverters with new parallel operation feature - available in 20 ft “ICON ND” stations up to 2.25 MWac

Bonfiglioli’s RPS Endurance inverters are now ready to tango: With the introduction of the new tandem feature, two units operate seamlessly in parallel on a single medium-voltage transformer winding. This makes the performance and ease of handling of RPS Endurance inverters now fully available for megawatt-scale PV stations.

RPS Endurance is a robust, compact powerhouse with a rated power of up to 563 kWac for each inverter unit.

Precision planetary flanged gearboxes

Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A., a global designer and manufacturer of precision planetary gearboxes, announces the release of the TQF series of precision planetary flanged gearboxes.


    Bonfigliolo TQF Series                                              Bonfigliolo TQF + BMD Series 

Gears the CSF Mini, new lightweight contender

Smaller size but greater capacity

High precision drive technology expert Harmonic Drive has responded to the demand for compact, lightweight and high capacity gears by creating the new CSF-Mini series. Developed with versatile output options, the range opens up exciting new applications in the robotics industry, where gearing technology is a hugely important factor. The CSF-Mini will be used in precise positioning applications, particularly in sectors like factory automation and medical technology manufacturing.

Permanently corrosion resistant drives

Effective, economic corrosion protection: nsd tupH for Aluminum drives

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS manufactures permanently corrosion-resistant drives by means of the nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system. Aluminum drives are thereby given a smooth, ultra-hard surface that, in contrast to paint, is unaffected by blows or scratches. 


nsd tupH from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS gives aluminum drives a smooth, permanently corrosion-resistant surface

Planetary Gearboxes, Right-Angle Precision

Bonfiglioli is proud to announce the new TQK series - Right-Angle Precision Gearbox version. This outstanding precision gearbox is complementary to the TQ series and boasts maximum power density, allows for top performance, and offers a space-saving installation solution. Due to its cutting-edge design and stellar performance, it covers a wide area of application where dynamic, high-speed, and top precision actions are required as well for reverse operations and a high number of starts and stops. TQK is particularly suitable for dynamic positioning applications for packaging and machine tooling as well for flat-bed machinery for wood working. In addition, it can carry out continuous running applications necessary for printing and paper converting.

CAM indexing device

N.S. Engineering offers cam indexing device (monkey device) for disk intermission indexing mechanisms packing, foodstuff, medicine, electronics machinery, and automatic machine's ATC device, ceramic printing mechanisms for main feeding, ceasing and stepping and indexing etc.

Helical gearboxes, parallel and bevel

HDP 125 and HDO 125: new intermediate sizes for parallel and bevel helical gearboxes.

The Bonfiglioli heavy duty parallel and bevel helical gearboxes HDP and HDO are now more competitive thanks to the incoming new 125 size. HDP 125 and HDO 125 are available in 2, 3 and 4 stages, with a range of reduction ratios from 1:9 to 1:500.

Energy-efficient pump drive solutions

Permanently full speed? Not such a good idea for pump drives! Speed control balanced to actual requirements greatly enhances the energy efficiency of pump systems. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies complete pre-assembled distributed drive units for a wide performance range to 22 kW.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS integrated pump drives can store up to four operation modes that can be displayed and changed directly at the control unit

AC Drives, A 1000

Mifa Systems is foremost channel partner of L&T Larsen & Toubro, offers L&T make A1000 Drives with exceptional features. L&T A1000 drives with its latest vector control technology is capable of delivering higher order performance to meet customer expectations. A1000, not only performs but is aesthetically superior and incredibly powerful. A truly reliable product to address future requirements & current needs, only possible from L&T.

Industrial Gears

Way back in 1951, Elecon set out on is its journey to scale new heights of technical excellence, creating landmarks at every juncture, From elevators and conveyors, to high quality gears and material handling equipments.

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