Precision planetary flanged gearboxes

Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A., a global designer and manufacturer of precision planetary gearboxes, announces the release of the TQF series of precision planetary flanged gearboxes.


    Bonfigliolo TQF Series                                              Bonfigliolo TQF + BMD Series 

Highest torsional stiffness, tilting moment and compactness are the main characteristics of the TQF series. The compact servo solution TQF + BMD is a remarkably compact solution in which the overall length dimensions offer revolutionary, space-saving machine designs.

Using an integrated solution, rather than a traditional gearhead / motor combination, the TQF+BMD series saves valuable space and gives machine designers a wider range of options and a higher performance due to the synergies between permanent magnets synchronous motor and precision planetary gearboxes technologies.

Even more flexibility is available for the TQF + BMD series including: many feedback device options, different windings and optional brake and flywheel option to fit unique applications. Different levels of customization are available on request.

The TQF precision planetary flanged gearbox is designed in five sizes (060, 070, 090, 130 & 160) and covers a wide spectrum of ratios with a torque range up to 800 Nm. Typical applications for TQF reducers include: precision rotary axis drives, travelling gantries & columns and material handling axis drives.

The main industries served include industrial automation systems, robotics, machine tools, packaging machines, and a host of other applications requiring high performance servo drive systems. Equipped with high capacity output shaft bearings, the TQF is designed to satisfy requirements for the highest radial and axial force applications, ensuring a long lifetime and reliability. With the highest input speed on the market today, the TQF is the best choice when using the latest highest speed servo motors.

While the total elimination of backlash is practically impossible in toothed gear transmissions, due to its design and innovative manufacturing process, it is possible to get the TQF series with a backlash lower than 3 arcmin. Two backlash classes are available for even more flexibility.

With its unique housing design and optimized monoblock planetary carrier, the TQF series allows a markedly higher torsional stiffness – ideal for applications demanding high dynamics, and a high number of start-stops & reversals. Optimized full complement needle roller bearings allow for higher output torque, increased stiffness, reduced wear & backlash.

The TQF series is designed for continuous duty and cyclic operation. Universal Mounting Position and Ip65 protection comply with high demanding environments and provide even more flexibility and benefit for specific applications. Smooth running, and low vibration of the TQF gearbox is confirmation of the successful application into advanced manufacturing processes.

Reliable, accurate and clearly defined catalogue ratings, together with optimization with your application using our servo-sizing tool avoids over sizing, thus minimizing the initial system cost as well as optimizing the ongoing operating cost of the servo system.

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December'15/January 2016