Modbus and PROFINET together with four new gateways

Need to connect PROFINET and Modbus devices? ProSoft Technology has four new gateways that help users do just that:

  • If you have Modbus devices on several networks, our PROFINET Device to Modbus Serial Gateway with four Serial ports can help. 
  • Want to avoid changing IP addresses to have your OEM machine communicate with your PLC? The Modbus® TCP/IP to PROFINET Device Gateway allows users to do just that by communicating with devices that are on two different subnets. 
  • If you need to connect to a single serial network, the Modbus Serial to PROFINET Device Gateway is the answer. 
  • If your devices are all on the same subnet, our Modbus TCP/IP to PROFINET Device Gateway is ideal.

All four gateways enable bi-directional data transfers. The gateways support disaster recovery through an optional SD card, allowing for configuration recovery if an issue arises.

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December'15/January 2016