DCS Migration Solutions Family with ControlLogix® to Moore APACS module

ProSoft Technology has added a new module to its family of legacy DCS Migration Solutions.

The ControlLogix® to Moore APACS module allows users to take a phased-migration approach when upgrading their legacy Moore APACS DCS systems. The module lets the user's new PlantPAxTM system control existing Moore/ Siemens® APACS+ IO Bus Remote I/O. This phased migration allows users to complete their upgrade with minimal scheduled downtime.
The in-chassis solution joins two other DCS migration modules that allow PlantPAx systems to control existing Honeywell IPC 620 and Fisher PROVOX I/O. For more information about ProSoft's Migration Solutions for legacy DCS systems.

ProSoft Technology also offers solutions for Remote I/OTM and DH+TM migrations and legacy PLC migrations that help ease the hassle of needed upgrades.

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December'15/January 2016