Industrial Gears

Way back in 1951, Elecon set out on is its journey to scale new heights of technical excellence, creating landmarks at every juncture, From elevators and conveyors, to high quality gears and material handling equipments.

Elecon set up a separate Gear Division in the year 1976. Elecon is also known for its pioneering acts in India.The first to introduce modular design concept, case-hardened and ground gear technology in India. These path breaking efforts are backed by full fledged departments employing a strong, skilled work force. It has supplied hi-tech equipments to major core sectors such as Fertilizer Plants, Cement Plants, Coal and Lignite Mines, Power Plants, Textile Plastic, Steel Plants and Port Mechanization in India and abroad.

Modern Infrastructure:

  • Elecon designs & manufactures a wide range of worm, parallel shaft and right angle shaft helical and spiral bevel helical gears with horizontal and vertical output shafts in various sizes, from single to quadruple stage reduction. These gears are compact and light, Saving space, reducing foundation structure costs and lubricating oil consumption.
  • Deploying modern technology - CAD I CAM in Engineering and Manufacturing on a continuous basis is the selling point of the company.
  • Elecon Gear Division is acknowledged as the most modern in the industry. More than 90% of ELECON’s machinery is computer controlled (CNC) ensuring high degree of precision in Manufacture, design and quality testing of gear components to DIN / AGMA international specifications.
  • Elecon’s expertise in providing customized gear boxes for Steel Mill, High Speed Turbine, Sugar Mill, Marine, Coast Guard and Navy Ship, Plastic Extrusions, antenna drives and Satellite for the Indian Space program
  • Elecon is prepared to deliver within deadlines. It is made possible through highly on-line computerized system of advanced Planning and Scheduling software.

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