Mobile control solutions-HMI using CANopen bus technology

Avalon has recently commenced development on CANopen bus technology. A state-of-theart HMI device with touch screen interface & 10.4” TFT colour graphic display is used. The HMI comes with many features viz., a VGA (640x480 pixel) resolution with 64K colours screen; USB, Ethernet & CANopen interface; a video input module; inbuilt flash dreive; multi-language support; display data in numerical, text, bar-graph, analog gauges and graphic image formats; data logging and eight level password protection makes it an ideal choice for control application. The application are being developed using CoDeSys (controller Development System) which is today’s most comprehensive software tool for industrial automation technology.


Function Available :

Load Moment Indicator : CANopen bus enabled sensors are available for measuring crane parameters including load sensor, boom angle sensor, wind-speed sensor, Tilt angle sensor; over hoist switch, outrigger sensor, motion cutoff devices and may more

Engine Monitoring : Lube oil pressure, Lube oil temperature, water temperature, hour meter, rpm meter and many more.

Camera Interface : Three auto zoom cameras can be interfaced wit the system. The operator can simultaneously watch all three cameras or can zoom view a selected camera.

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December'15/January 2016