Touch screen flow regulator

Perfectly suitable for dynamic weighing, MC 353 has been designed to be fitted on belts and for ‘loss in weight’ applications. Easy to use, conceived and developed to be final-user friendly.

Touch technology to easily operate any kind of machine on which it is fitted; the operator has everything within easy reach and under control all the time. Clear graphs, solid, very innovative and compact.

Ideal for any type of industries, from foodstuff to plastics, from ceramics to steel mills.

Everyone using this regulator appreciates and highlights how easy it is to use it and to understand its operation. Smartphone technology applied to an industrial weighing device. The wide range of functions this regulator offers and its compact size are amazing.

Main features:

5.2” Monochrome LCD display, touch screen and backlit, Panel-mounted; IP65 protection rating, Can be used as a flow meter or regulator; keeps flow regular by means of an analogue PID and tolerance alarm, Continuous flow transmission with proportional analogue output.

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December'15/January 2016