Vacuum pad with integrated ejector

Ease your vacuum generation with SMC

In response to increasing demand for integrated vacuum generation systems, SMC has launched its new Series ZHP vacuum pad with ejector. An energy efficient single compact unit, the ZHP can be easily mounted in confined spaces due to its innovative design that removes the need for further components, making it simple to order and maintain.

SMC, the worldwide leading expert in pneumatics, has introduced a compact, single unit vacuum ejector and pad that is easy to fit and delivers optimum space savings, energy efficiency and reduces maintenance requirements. The new ZHP Series minimizes the need to use several components and complicated design structures.

The vacuum unit features an innovative lock-plate structure that allows easy one-touch replacement of the pad. This means that pads can be easily attached and detached for disposal, minimizing the need for maintenance. The use of an enhanced two-stage ejector improves vacuum generation efficiency, delivering an increase in suction flow rate of 50 % and a reduction of air consumption of 30 %.

In addition, the ZHP offers a trio of vacuum port locations which provide a variety of connections to other equipment and creates the opportunity for daisy-chain piping, allowing for multiple devices to be connected in sequence, reducing piping requirements.

The ZHP has further design qualities, including a through-hole silencer that significantly reduces noise levels and the risk of clogging. To improve its life span and reduce the risk of contamination, SMC has also included a strainer that prevents foreign matter from entering the pad suction port. The ZHP can be adapted for a range of applications, making it ideal for a variety of uses including robot handling in palletizing, sheet metal working in the automotive industry or case packers.