Double-acting locknut cylinders

Revolutionary innovation by Holmatro; Double-acting locknut cylinders with extreme low closed height

Usability and functionality merge within Holmatro's latest cylinder range; double-acting locknut cylinders with extreme low closed height. Extraordinary, because the cylinders are hardly higher than gravity return locknut cylinders.

There is a frequent need for double-acting locknut cylinders with low closed height. Enough reason for Holmatro to develop a unique range of double-acting locknut cylinders. The result is revolutionary. Because of the unique construction the closed height stays low, which makes the  cylinders suitable for many different applications.

Smart return-plunger increases pressure surface

Holmatro's new double-acting locknut cylinders offer significant advantages in safety, maintenance and durability. The cylinders are equipped with a smart return-plunger instead of the usual stop ring. This unique construction increases the pressure surface, resulting in more power with a smaller diameter. By making use of  integrated safety valves, the cylinders are protected extra against over pressure on the return side. Multiple-start thread is provided on the plunger for positioning the locknut quickly. Dirt on the plunger can be removed more easily because of the rounded thread. All cylinders are optimal wear resistant and corrosion protected.

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December'15/January 2016