Industrial Computer

Embedded PCs, 12 processor cores with DIN rail

Many-core control: server-class processing power with Intel® Xeon® D processors

The new CX20x2 Embedded PCs provide many-core processing power in a DIN rail-mounted device

With the new CX2000 series Embedded PCs, Beckhoff offers many-core processing power in a DIN rail-mountable format. This new performance class leverages Intel® Xeon® D processors with 4, 8 and 12 CPU cores, enabling extremely powerful controllers in an exceptionally compact design. This new dimension of performance, which has already been demonstrated in the C6670 industrial servers from Beckhoff, can now also be implemented in a DIN rail-mounted controller.

Universal Industrial PC

Ultra compact IPC: extreme spaces savings and flexibility. Universal C6015 Industrial PC further extends application possibilities of PC-based control hardware.

The ultra-compact C6015 IPC is only one third the size of the C6905, previously the smallest Beckhoff control cabinet IPC.

The new, ultra compact C6015 Industrial PC is designed for universal use in automation, visualisation and communication tasks, as well as in EtherCAT-based applications.

Quad-core processor power in the smallest spaces

Fanless compact IPC with multi-core Intel® Atom™ technology 

The fanless C6915 control cabinet PC offers scalable computing power with one, two, or four processor cores in a compact design. 

The C6915 control cabinet PC extends the range of Beckhoff Industrial PCs with a fanless, extremely compact unit that features state-of-the-art multi-core Atom™ technology from Intel. Thanks to the high computing power of up to four processor cores, scalable to match system demand, this unit opens up a new price-to-performance class for PLC and motion control applications. 

Industrial PCs for small and medium-sized control and motion applications

The new price/performance class for PC based control technology 

PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is exceptionally scalable in terms of hardware and software, enabling precisely tailored solutions for every application. As an answer for cost sensitive applications in the lower and medium performance range, two new entry-level Beckhoff Industrial PCs (IPCs) have been announced to achieve best-in-class results at a lower price point. The new additions are the C6905 Control Cabinet PC and the CP6706 Panel PC, which feature Intel® Atom™ multi-core CPUs with options for one, two or four processor cores.

The CP6706 Panel PC and the C6905 Control Cabinet PC successfully tap into the computing power of multi-core Intel® Atom™ processors for cost-sensitive applications

Automation PC 2100: Controller and PC in one

High power packed in a compact housing

The new Automation PC 2100 from B&R unites the PC world with hard real-time applications. If needed, Automation Runtime and Windows can run at the same time thanks to powerful Intel Atom multi-core processing technology, allowing the Automation PC 2100 to be used simultaneously as a high-performance industrial controller as well as a PC for things like sophisticated HMI applications. And with such compact dimensions, it takes up hardly any space in the control cabinet at all.

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December'15/January 2016