Safety light curtains, MLC 500 are now also available as linked versions

Cascadable Type 4 Safety Light Curtains

In cases where multiple-sided access guarding is required or point-of-operation guarding is to be combined with area protection as stepping-behind protection, the use of cascaded MLC devices reduces the cost of installation and cabling considerably. Rigid L and U-shaped connections as well as variants with flexible cable connections can be used. The host-guest variants are type 4 devices. They provide reliable protection without dead space and with maximum system availability. Additionally, they are unusually slim (29 x 35 mm) and extremely sturdy due to the slightly set back front screens, reinforced side walls and metal end caps. The installation of the MLC safety light curtains is very easy due to the large variety of possible mounting brackets.

When the decision was made in the early 60s to found Leuze electronic that would develop sensors for the company's textile machines, we didn't expect that it would develop into the successful international company that it is today.

Today, it is a worldwide success story and stands for forward-thinking entrepreneurship as only few companies do. It's no accident that today Leuze electronic is considered a technology driver and is active in all growing markets with subsidiaries and a variety of distributors all over the world.

We offer specific and measurable added value in the areas of usability, application know-how and service – and make our customers successful this way. In the future, these areas will also be our yardstick for new product developments, innovative service offerings and extensive market expertise.

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December'15/January 2016