Command and signalling devices for clean room applications

How many particles does an actuator installed at the man-machine interface release to the environment in everyday operation? This question is completely irrelevant in most sectors of the machinery construction industry. In the clean-room technology however, it is of critical importance, considering that here, only components featuring low particle emissions may be used.


One product for many applications: the entire N programme of command and signalling devices is certified for use in clean rooms.


Such components include the command and signalling devices of the N series from Schmersal. The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA) has examined the particle emissions of this series and found that the devices are suitable for use in clean rooms with air cleanliness class 1 to ISO 14644-1. The corresponding test reports and certificates are available.

In this way, the developers of command panels for clean room applications have a complete range of high-quality and long-lasting command and signalling devices at their disposal. The programme includes, amongst other things, push buttons, selector switches, indicator lights and mushroom buttons.

As the N-programme was originally developed for applications in the food machinery construction, it has been hygienically designed from scratch. There are no dead spaces, where impurities and residual dirt can deposit and accumulate, the geometries are easy-to-clean compliant to the requirements of EN 1672-2 (“Food-processing Machinery – Basic Concepts – Hygienic Requirements”) and because of the IP 69K protection class, the command and signalling devices are suitable for high-pressure cleaning.

With such a range of features, the series is not only suitable for use in clean-room technology applications, but also in hygiene-critical areas up to GMP class C. This has been ascertained by the Fraunhofer IPA as well. In addition to that, the “Hygiene” test certificate of the Meat Trade Association is available for the series.

With the classification in air cleanliness class 1, the range of application of the N series is not only extended to the semiconductor manufacturing. Also the aviation and aerospace technology, the laser technology and the micro-systems technology as well as the production of optical systems require components that are classified and certified to ISO 14644-1.

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December'15/January 2016