SMC, the world leader in pneumatics, strives to understand customer needs thoroughly, after fully understanding the requirements of any manufacturing process offers customized solutions.

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Pick and Place System, SMC Pneumatics

Rajiv Yamdagni, Asst. Divisional Manager, SMC Pneumatics  India

Incorporated in 1995 SMC India is a 100% Subsidiary of SMC Corporation Japan, the World Leader in Pneumatic Technology. SMC India has three state-of-art manufacturing facilities in India. Two at Noida near Delhi, (spreading over 41000 Sq. mt.) and one in Chennai (46,000 Sq. mt.). These facilities comprise of separate floors for manufacturing and assembly. Special purpose CNC machines are installed for precision processing.

SMC India has an extensive marketing network of 16 Branch Offices and 33 Resident Engineer locations at major cities & industrial areas providing nationwide support to our customers. Our trained application engineers serve our customers by functioning as part of their team to accurately gauge their needs and develop customized solutions.

We develop & supply special products against customer - specific requirements with makes us stand out in the industry. Given that our standard products have 7,00,000 variations, we can confidently match the clients' expectations.

SMC, the world leader in pneumatics, strives to understand customer needs thoroughly, after fully understanding the requirements of any manufacturing process offers customized solutions.

In Engimach 2015, we had exhibited our new products in pneumatics, electrical actuators along with our latest range of energy saving products and industry specific product range. Their working was very well depicted through working models and demonstrations. We had also exhibited working of a number of pick and place solutions working in synchronization with each other, able to suffice to a number of applications in industry using pneumatics, electrical and combination of both.

What are the new launch products ranges of the company that are exhibited at the show?

SMC launches more than 50 new products every year. As it is said that change is the most static aspect in the world. Keeping in view the changing trends, customer needs and driving parameters of futuristic technology, SMC continue to change its product technology accordingly. We had exhibited our newly launched products ZHP - Vacuum pad with integrated ejector, ITVH - High Pressure Electro-Pneumatic Regulator and higher sizes of IZF - Fan Type Ionizers. These products are meant to meet changing automation needs to make systems more reliable, energy efficient, compact and lightweight.

How SMC Pneumatics utilized ENGIMACH platform to increase the company's products visibility, and generate leads?

India is a growing country and Gujarat has been the frontier of growth in recent times. Engimach provided us the venue to demonstrate our product capability to the users and application developers of Gujarat. Our focus have always been to provide the innovative product options to our customers to help them develop next generation systems running at optimum energy level, compact and light weight. Engimach as a platform helped us to connect to our probable customers who have inclination to develop futuristic automation systems.

Are you pleased with over all response at ENGIMACH to justify company's marketing objectives?

Our objective have always been to keep taking the technology at next level every time we release a new product. Gujarat on the other hand is the land of entrepreneurs where people never hesitate to try new technologies. The outcome of our objective matches very well with demand of customer in Gujarat.

At ENGIMACH, we were able to convey our message clearly and imprinted the real picture of SMC as an innovative company and partner in growth than a part supplier. This is evident from the overwhelming response we received for our new products due to energy saving and compact design.

What impressed you most favorably about the exhibition venue and organizer?

Infrastructure of Gandhinagar boasts about the legacy of growth in Gujarat. Even though the venue is slightly far from the industrial zone of Ahmedabad but it seems to be overcome by the enthusiasm of the visitors.

The venue is impressive in terms of space and facilities available. It is good platform for exhibitors to welcome their visitors. The exhibition center will certainly contribute to growth of the area.

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December'15/January 2016