Visitors from medium to big companies have visited our stall and have shown interest in buying our products

A&C Today Interview

Mr. Kartik Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd.

Brief us about Gandhi Automation, and its entrance gate automation product ranges which are exhibited at ENGIMACH 2015 trade show

SMC launches more than 50 new products every year. As it is said that change is the most static aspect in the world. Keeping in view the changing trends, customer needs and driving parameters of futuristic technology, SMC continue to change its product technology accordingly.

This year we had booked stall space of 168 Sq.m. We had displayed High Speed Door, Dock Leveler, Dock Shelter, Motorised Rolling Shutter, Sliding Gate, Swing Gate. Our product range is for industrial as well as commercial usage.

Entrance Automation is a very big market in European and other developed countries, India is developing country and with economic revival, infrastructure growth we see tremendous potential in entrance automation products in the next 10 years. When we started business in 1996 industry was in nascent stage, awareness about the product was very less with multinational companies setting up business and warehouses in India our business picked up in terms of volume. Today domestic Indian companies also understand the importance of entrance automation products.

What are the new launch products of the company that are exhibited at the show?

Clean Room High Speed Doors we had launched few months back we had installed the product for display. We have received lot of orders from pharma companies. It is very useful in pharma companies where you have to have controlled environment within the facility. High Speed doors are most useful where there is frequent movement of goods or people and at the same time you want to avoid dust, outside temperature, humidity etc from entering inside the facility.

Opening and closure of door has to quick enough to isolate the outside environment and internal facility. The cost of same depends on various factors such as size of door, number of applications to be installed etc.

Are you pleased with over all response at ENGIMACH to justify company's marketing objectives?

Yes we are happy with the overall response of ENGIMACH 2015.

What impressed you most favourably about the exhibition venue and organizer?

Everything was managed very well by the organiser. It was new venue this year and organiser has done a very good job of promoting the event to right kind of audience. Visitors from medium to big companies have visited our stall and have shown interest in buying our products.

What are GAPL's plans on the anvil?

“We are number 1 in the domestic market. There's huge untapped international market for our products. Our products meet international safety standards and with right kind of product portfolio, we are ready to export to this huge international market.”

With increased globalization and countries opening up for business we see a great opportunity in neighbouring countries also. For instance in Myanmar, last few years foreign investments has increased from few million to several billions dollars (300 million dollar 2009 to 5 billion 2014).

The government has relaxed import restrictions and abolished export taxes. Such polices boost our confidence and we will venture in such countries. “Our current target for export is Gulf Countries and European Countries.

In coming years we will be targeting neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and few African countries. I have visited few of these countries and we have better products to offer them, than the ones they are currently using. By 2018 years we are targeting 50% revenue from export.”


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December'15/January 2016