Katlax’s Wireless products are trying to tackle this need and providing effective solution

L.R. Katrat, M.D & CEO, Katlax Enterprises



Brief about Katlax, and its ‘Wireless Automation’ product range which will be showcased at SPS IPC Drives, 2014?

Katlax is a leading Indian brand in automation with more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing and marketing products.

Our products are broadly positioned in 4 verticals:

  1. Sensors & Field Device
  2. Interface Products (Connector & Cable assemblies) & Data I/O Junction Boxes
  3. Controllers &Instrumentation
  4. Wireless and Embedded Technologies

We have pan India presence with manufacturing headquarter at Ahmedabad (Gandhinagar), Gujarat and regional offices in other Indian metro cities like Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore. We serve more than 3000 OEMs and large end users in Indian and overseas markets. We also have a good reputation and market in private label products for reputed MNCs.

Katlax is consciously focusing on its strategic R&D initiative to offer eco-friendly products for Green Earth and all our initiatives for past few years have been intended towards reducing material and labour consumption and for sustainable growth and development of industrial world by reducing pressure on usage of resources.

Which are the targeted industries for ‘Wireless Automation’? How Wireless Automation will help vis-à-vis other wired automation? What are the advantages of Wireless Automation?

We are basically addressing ‘Wireless in Automation’ more specific with M2M, by acquiring huge data/processes of big machine through wireless and send to a controller or server for processing and controlling - reporting & data analysis. We also see a good potential in solar energy sector, where data from solar panels in the field are connected to the central processor. This will include automation in solar power generation in remote places where manpower availability is quite difficult. Other potential industry we are tapping into is – pharmaceutical industry, where Clinical Research Organization (CRO) acquire huge amount of data. This data via wireless automation can be transmitted to server without human hindrance as here secrecy is required.

All these applications in industries are presently done with wired protocol which consume huge amount of resources like cabling, ducting, trenching etc. and also they become vulnerable to human interception and interference which some time leads to manipulation of data at receiving or controlling end. Katlax’s Wireless products are trying to tackle this need and providing effective solution.

Could you please tell us which are the major industry segments that Katlax has been catering to in present scenario, and which industry has the maximum potential for you in the near future?

  1. Automation in Logistics which includes vehicle tracking, pilferage, health of cargo / assets and operator.
  2. Major plants like petro-chemical, refineries which are large scale in size and need lot of safety and security by monitoring and controlling the processes.
  3. Machine building automation
  4. Factory/process automation
  5. Weather and agriculture monitoring

How would you like to utilize the SPS IPC Drives platform to increase the company’s products visibility on global marketand generate leads?

We are a regular exhibitor at SPS for past few years and its one of the platform which gives immense exposure to the global stake holders in automation industry such as vendors, product designers, suppliers, integrators and end users.

Can you please briefly tell us about the importance of trade fairs for marketing the high-tech products?

In our two decades of operation, one thing which we have adored that there is no substitute for trade fairs where the products are available on display which give the first impression and an opportunity to gather one to one feedback with all stake holders namely users and vendors.

As an exhibitor, what are your expectations from SPS IPC Drives show?

Katlax has a very clear vision and strategies for sustainable growth. Being in automation industry, the SPS Nuremberg is an ideal choice because the stalwarts of automation industry from Europe and other countries visit this fair. We are also successful in building number of partnerships as private label vendor to respectable MNCs from Europe and US, and this is one of the engines of our growth.

What are the newly launched products of Katlax that are being exhibited at the SPS IPC Drives show this year?

We are exhibiting Wireless Devices mainly RS 232 to USB, RS 485 to USB, Wired & Wireless I/O Junction boxes, Safety Light Curtains, Wireless Controllers (For Pressure, Temperature & RH) and Interface Products like all types of connectors and cable assemblies.

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