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Hamotic varicon compact synchronous drives

Hamotic varicon compact synchronous drive is the industry's first choice wherever energy efficiency, variable speeds and low life cycle costs are in demand. The hamotic varicon is small, reliable and easy to operate. It is impressive both technically and economically in terms of quality, individuality and sustainability.

High efficiency and low life cycle costs Hamotic varicon compact synchronous drive

High-power servo motors up to 140 kW from B&R

New areas of application in the upper power range

B&R's new 8KS motor series offers all the benefits of servo motor technology in a power range higher than the 8LS and 8JS series.

B&R has expanded their product line to include servo motors with high torque and an extended range of speeds. The highly efficient motors in the 8KS series provide up to 140 kW of power and stall torque up to 555 Nm. Available in two sizes with speeds up to 3,000 rpm, 8KS motors open up new possibilities for applications in a wide range of industries that require high power. In addition, these servo motors are available with either axial or radial fans, water cooling and optional mounting feet.

Servomotor drives

Function-optimized servo drive reduces bill-of-materials costs for OEMs

Metronix has added a low cost option to its range of intelligent servomotor drives. The new drives - ARS 21xx/23xx SE - offer motion control system builders a platform to boost the performance of machines and automation while substantially decreasing costs.

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