AMT and SME Announce Foremost Partnership to Co-Produce Five Manufacturing Events

AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology and SME have announced a foremost new partnership for a series of regional co-branded trade shows focused on the manufacturing technology industry.



The collaboration encompasses the existing EASTEC, WESTEC, SOUTH-TEC, HOUSTEX, and Mfg4 events.

The new events will feature a blend of education, applications, and technology innovation, particularly in the areas of digital manufacturing, automation, MTConnect and the Industrial IoT. Mirroring the industry trend of regionalized manufacturing in the U.S., each event will include a mix of topics and technologies that are of specific interest to that region.

“SME and AMT are each bringing their unique strengths to this collaboration, which will provide our members and the manufacturing industry at large with innovative, best-in-class events to drive business success,” said AMT President Douglas K. Woods. “We look forward to exciting developments as our partnership grows.”

AutoCrib launches new web-based automated inventory vending systems at IMTS

Innovative Manufacturer of Automated Inventory Vending Systems to Give Show Attendees a Chance to Win a Machine

AutoCrib, Inc., an innovative manufacturer of automated inventory vending systems that are the de-facto industry standard, today introduced AutoCrib .Net 4.0, an enhanced software product, at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), taking place Sept. 12 – 17 in Chicago. Reinforcing its position as the leader in industrial vending, AutoCrib also unveiled refinements to three of its product features on the RoboCrib® TX750 and AutoLocker® FX.

AutoCrib .Net 4.0 will provide customers with a multi-tenant database, faster reporting, a familiar user interface, increased security, and new work flows. In addition to a significant software update, AutoCrib also made product refinements to the RoboCrib TX750 and AutoLocker FX with a completely redesigned plastic shelving system for the TX750, scales mounted in the FX lockers as well as a new “fast pick” button bar system to enhance customers’ experience.

“AutoCrib also has designed from the ground up new technology that addresses some of the industrial vending industry’s greatest challenges for users—cost, density and inflexibility,” said Steve Pixley, president and founder of AutoCrib. “Each AutoCrib product is designed to deliver automated inventory vending support for customers such as manufacturing companies, airlines, the military, retailers, distributors and others who want to provide 24/7 unmanned access to inventory—while maintaining complete control and 100 percent inventory accuracy.”

Pixley pioneered the concept of using purpose-built vending machines and built the first industrial vending machine in 1994 after identifying a need for manufacturers to better track and utilize inventory. As a solution, Pixley created an industrial vending machine capable of storing and dispensing virtually any tool, part or supply.

Since then, AutoCrib has grown to support a global network of dealers and distributors and its machines are used by leading manufacturers worldwide including many of the biggest names on the Fortune 500 and more than 20,000 machines deployed. Customers have reported significant results from using AutoCrib’s industrial vending machines including reducing  inventory spend by up to 40%, complete inventory visibility, better control of employee and department spending, and improved job costing, inventory forecasting and demand planning.

AutoCrib offers automated inventory vending systems (software and machines) for manufacturing companies, airlines, military, retailers, distributors and others who want to provide 24/7 unmanned access to inventory while maintaining complete control and 100 percent inventory accuracy.

AutoCrib Machine Giveaway

To bring attention to these product updates and refinements, AutoCrib will be giving away one of its innovative industrial vending machines at IMTS 2016. For more information on how to enter, please visit AutoCrib website and stop by booth number W-1223 at IMTS show.

IMTS offered free ride to visitors in ‘OLLI’ The first self-driving vehicle from local motors

The “IMTS Ride Experience” will give show attendees a glimpse into the future of autonomous mobility in Olli, which interacts with riders through IBM Watson.

The IMTS Ride Experience offers show visitors a ride in Olli, a self-driving vehicle from Local Motors featuring IBM Watson, which enables riders to ask the vehicle questions in a normal human voice.

IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show has partnered with Local Motors to offer the IMTS Ride Experience featuring the breakthrough technology in “Olli,” the first self-driving electric vehicle equipped with IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Built by Local Motors, Olli can carry up to 12 riders and will navigate a track in the C Hall of the North Building at IMTS 2016, Sept. 12-17, McCormick Place, Chicago. Limited to about 5 mph for show purposes (but capable of 25 mph), Olli uses the cloud-based cognitive computing capability of IBM Watson to analyze and learn from high volumes data produced by more than 30 sensors embedded in the vehicle, including cameras, GPS and LIDAR (Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging).

Olli was designed from the ground up by Local Motors, the company that shook up the manufacturing industry when it 3D-printed and assembled a car, the now-famous Strati, live in less than two days at IMTS in 2014.

“Our intent this year was to create an unforgettable experience for IMTS attendees by offering them a ride in an autonomous vehicle,” said Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers. “IMTS draws the world’s top minds in manufacturing, and we’re excited to give them a ride in the self-driving vehicle of the future.”

“IMTS and Local Motors once again partner together, this time not just to show the world the practical applications of leading edge technology, but to enable IMTS visitors to have a personal experience with technology,” says Peter R. Eelman, Vice President - Exhibitions & Business Development, AMT – The

Association For Manufacturing Technology, the parent organization of IMTS. “Olli’s manufacturing and operation demonstrates the convergence of technologies showcased at IMTS, including 3D printing, the Internet of Things and complex interactions with machines via the human voice.”

An Interactive Experience

Designed for travel in dense, urban areas, college and corporate campuses, riders can “hail” Olli via an app or a kiosk. While cloud analytics and live data enable Olli to react faster than any human, a remote operator provides human supervision.

To enhance the autonomous vehicle travel experience, Olli uses Watson’s capabilities to enable riders to ask complex questions in “natural language” voice. Want to know the top spots for deep-dish Chicago-style pizza? Want to learn more about the vehicle’s construction and technology? Just ask Olli. In it’s real-life testing locations (currently National Harbor, Maryland and Las Vegas and Miami later this year), Olli takes route instructions and explains what is happening during the trip.

“While creation of the world’s first 3D-printed car at IMTS two years ago was groundbreaking, we wanted to enable visitors to interact with advanced technology at this year’s show,” says Rogers.

In addition to Olli, Local Motors will have other 3D-printed vehicles (including the Strati) on display at its booth, NC-780, which is immediately next to the IMTS Ride Experience. Siemens PLM Software, a longtime partner, will also showcase its Solid Edgeâ software at the booth, as Local Motors uses Solid Edge in the design and build of all its vehicles.

Jennova Inc. demonstrated Single Energy Harvesting Platform for IIoT, Wearable Tech & Automotive applications at Sensors Expo

Company offers Presentation on “Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting: Past, Present & Future” Trends & Challenges

Jennova’s  EH module connected to an analog device ADP5090 EH boost battery management chip (with battery and super cap attached) and powering an Anaren A20737-MSDB1 Bluetooth Multi-sensor

Jennova Inc., a specialist in smart energy management solutions, recently introduced a full array of patented Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting (EH) technologies at the sensors expo & conference held in San Jose, California. The demonstrations explored the latest battery power management and vibrational harvesting technologies available to gather energy that would otherwise be lost in physical motion. This includes the operation of devices ranging from body sensor networks and automotive sensors to the billions of monitors used to extrapolate data from the Industrial Internet of Things. (IIoT).

“Unlike other vibrational energy harvesters, Jennova’s method does not require calibrations for each individual device making it the most simplified technology of-its-kind available today,” said Terry Pennisi, the company’s CEO and founder. “It is ideal for operating stand-alone products or acting as an integrated component within an embedded solution. Our goal is to develop energy harvesting platforms that are small-in-size, create comparatively high levels of power when compared to similar technologies, and provide a simple, yet robust way to integrate into the final products and solutions of customers.”

During the event, Christian Pennisi, Jennova’s director of operations, furthered this discussion by addressing the trends and challenges surrounding “Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting: Past, Present & Future.” After summarizing the various forms of small-scale EH technologies in the marketplace today, he highlighted the current ability of Electrodynamic EH devices to generate energy in the milli-watt range and power low-demand IoT layers and other connected devices.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant decrease in the power requirements for many IoT-style solutions,” explained Christian Pennisi. “At the same time, there has been an increase in EH technologies that can generate about 10mW from unlimited, excitable and external sources, while remaining robust and durable in a relatively small form.

“Although these applications have been somewhat basic so far, wide-ranging rotation-based solution opportunities are becoming available due to the development of smart cars as well as the 50 billion IoT, medical, consumer and fitness products that will be generating non-stop data worldwide by 2020. This entails the incorporation of battery power management systems that overcome the threat of intermittency and ensure that there is always enough power when needed. Toward this end, we are looking to perfect vibrational harvesting methods that minimize inconsistencies to ensure simplified installations.”

To dramatically emphasize the potential for EH technologies in these markets, Jennova showcased several applications utilizing their battery power management and vibrational harvesting technologies. In addition to illustrating how companies can maximize ROI, Jennova demonstrations included:

  • EH modules connected to an EH boosting battery management circuit to show how the system can gather power at very low RPM from variable reluctance and vibration sensors
  • Combination EH/battery units allowing sensor IoT arrays to operate in excess of 20 years without maintenance
  • EH module technologies enabling use with systems like pumps cycling, HVAC units cycling, etc., where rotation or variable reluctance may be intermittent
  • Battery management circuitry enabling the safe charging of high power lithium batteries (effective dumping of excess power) and safe battery turn off (protecting the IoT sensors)
  • New patented Industrial and Wireless Diesel Tachometers, specifically designed to provide simple, self-powered solutions for generating tachometry readings from nearly any motor

Anaren and Broadcom IoT (WICED) establish seamless sensor connectivity hold WICED smart modules

Company also featured platinum sponsor at Sensors Expo 2016 design challenge Hackathon

Anaren’s AIR (Anaren Integrated Radio) module offers more than just wireless connectivity for sensors. It offers an end-to-end cohesive integration experience, with easy-to-use comprehensive tools that give sensors a new level of accessibility to embedded systems and connectivity. Sensor Expo 2016 attendees will think, build and connect, through Anaren’s interactive 360-degree booth tour and be inspired and motivated to innovate by the fast and efficient design and deployment of Bluetooth BLE and Wi-Fi wireless embedded systems made possible through Anaren’s Atmosphere development platform and leveraging the Broadcom IoT (WICED) Smart module portfolio. 

Visitors to Anaren’s and Broadcom IoT (WICED) booth 1030 will be provided with an interactive tour highlighting the features and phases for use of Anaren’s web-based Atmosphere integrated development environment and its new Stratosphere cloud-based hosting platform, along with many widely-varied product implementation ideas.  

“We’re going beyond just showing our product; we’re inviting attendees to interact with the full spectrum of our modules, which are in effect enablers of sensor connectivity from embedded systems, through mobile devices, to full cloud access and data manipulation,” said Mark Bowyer, director of wireless business development for Anaren. “We want attendees to engage with the platforms, experience the simplicity of connectivity, and imagine the possibilities for using Anaren’s solutions to take their own products from idea to production in the least amount of time possible. To that end, we are also delighted to launch our latest WiFi connectivity solution at this show. With such a comprehensive sensor connectivity portfolio, users can hit the ground running and make their ideas a reality,” added Bowyer.  

Located at booth #1030, Anaren Sensors Expo highlights include:

  • Interactive booth experience featuring guided or self-guided tours;
  • FIRST preview of Anaren’s newest development kits, Wi-Fi-enabled module, and latest software to be released this year;
  • On-hand “Hacksperts” to help you think, build, and connect your own projects with Anaren products and IoT; and
  • Give-away gifts and development kits for qualifying visitors available throughout the show. 

A game-changer in wireless innovation, Anaren is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Sensors Design Challenge. This year’s competition features development kits provided by Anaren for designers to use in their own applications, and opening remarks by Anaren’s resident ‘hackspert’  Mihir Dani, who will also provide support to challenge participants throughout the competition.  

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