Pumps & Valves

Solenoid valves from Festo

Compact or sturdy – depending on the application, the new solenoid valves VUVG-...-S and VUVS-...-S are the ideal solutions for pneumatic automation technology. As real stars in pneumatics, they are available from our warehouse in 24 hours and are very attractively priced. The two valves are the latest additions to the VG range of compact valves and the VS range of sturdy valves.

The stars in pneumatics from Festo are always in stock at the company's 13 service centres around the world. It takes just a few clicks to order valves VUVG-S or VUVS-S from the Festo Online Shop – and 24 hours later they will be ready for dispatch. Users will have no trouble finding the stars in pneumatics in the catalogue Or Online Shop: they are marked with a blue star and form the core product range from Festo.

Pressure transmitter, pressure switch

Axis Engineering offers BUHLER make pressure switch Monitoring the operating pressure in the various sections of a hydraulic circuit is essential to ensure the required level of available power. In lubrication systems, the surveillance of the pressure is an indication of equal feed of lubricant to the different point of use. Traditionally, pressure switches which need to be located remote from the measuring port are connected by pipes or hoses, thus increasing the demand of installation work and the risk of leakages. The Bühler technology features flexible cables instead of pipes and hoses with the benefit of much lower cost and less troubles.

Features : Pressure range up to 600 bar (8700 psi), Compact design Up to four programmable switching outputs, Analog output (current or voltage adjustable) plus one, two or four programmable outputs, Switching output adjustable as window or hysteresis, Two switching outputs adjustable as frequency output (1 to 100 Hz ), Direct or external mounting of the display and control unit, Almost any length of cable connection between measuring point and display. 

Smart Valve Positioner


FLUCON Smart Valve Positioner, using all-digital operation and the operation for stroke or angle of travel of the pneumatic actuator. Action methods are single or double acting type. The Valve Position locator is a two-wire instruments, to provide PID regulation function can be used as a local regulator and the positioner integrated intelligent control devices. Valve Position Locator provides 4 ~ 20mA input signal from the control, PID control output from the +24 VDC power supply circuit in series with the Position Transmitter operation.

It will also have completed the regulator output current signals into the main function of regulating valve drive, but also work with in accordance with the valve stem friction, offset by transfer medium pressure caused by unbalanced forces, thus opening the valve corresponding to regulator output control signals to achieve the correct positioning. Support the HART Protocol.

Unique Mixproof Valves

Outstanding flexibility and no cross-contamination

Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof Valves provide maximum flexibility in hygienic flow processing by making it possible to handle two different fluids at the same time, with no risk of cross-contamination. Using two independent plugs and seals means a single mixproof valve can often replace two or more valves of other types.

Linear Electrical Actuated Control Pinch Valves

Enhancing your Application

Vertex Engineers works has launches linear electrical actuated control pinch valve. This valve designed for control valve application that is operated through PLC by applying 4 to 20 mA current. Pinch Valves are available in various sizes ranging from ½” to 14” suiting the requirements of its customers. Vertex is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for Pinch Valves manufacturing a wide range of products like Manual Pinch Valve, Gear Operated Pinch Valve, Open body Pinch Valve and Pneumatic Pinch Valve since last 4 decades.

Piston actuated valves, 2/2 way stainless steel

M & M piston actuated valves are manufactured with high performing components as a standard.PTFE and FKM seals together with internals in AISI 316 offer outstanding compatibility and cover a wide variety of industrial applications.

Added features as position indicator, built-in exhaust filter, wide choice of connections and optional versions, long life cycles even in severe conditions represent our competitive advantage.

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