Linear Electrical Actuated Control Pinch Valves

Enhancing your Application

Vertex Engineers works has launches linear electrical actuated control pinch valve. This valve designed for control valve application that is operated through PLC by applying 4 to 20 mA current. Pinch Valves are available in various sizes ranging from ½” to 14” suiting the requirements of its customers. Vertex is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for Pinch Valves manufacturing a wide range of products like Manual Pinch Valve, Gear Operated Pinch Valve, Open body Pinch Valve and Pneumatic Pinch Valve since last 4 decades.


Vertex Pinch Valves are reliable, maintenance free, and cost-effective valves designed for slurry, abrasive and corrosive chemical applications. There are no seats to gland and no stuffing box to repack and no packing gland to adjust, ever. The pinching action is on centreline, so valve closes on smooth curve and it is self cleaning. The heart of this unique valve is the durable, flexible rubber sleeve which is reinforced with high-strength fabric. The sleeve, which is the only part of the valve exposed to the line process, which eliminates maintenance and the need for expensive materials.

Additionally, valve operation will not freeze, and operating torques remains constant. The design principle is very simple - two mechanical pinch bars open and close the elastomeric sleeve. The company has developed many products, which are catered to a wide market segment including Waste Water Treatment Plant, Pulp and Paper Mills, Power Industry, Chemical Industry, Mining Industry, and general Industry.

The company engaged in manufacturing and exporting of industrial valve such as pinch valves, piston valves, gear operated pinch valve, pneumatic pinch valve, open body pinch valve, flanged end piston valve, screwed end piston valve , tool trolleys, tool cabinets, CNC trolleys etc.

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December'15/January 2016