Smart Valve Positioner


FLUCON Smart Valve Positioner, using all-digital operation and the operation for stroke or angle of travel of the pneumatic actuator. Action methods are single or double acting type. The Valve Position locator is a two-wire instruments, to provide PID regulation function can be used as a local regulator and the positioner integrated intelligent control devices. Valve Position Locator provides 4 ~ 20mA input signal from the control, PID control output from the +24 VDC power supply circuit in series with the Position Transmitter operation.

It will also have completed the regulator output current signals into the main function of regulating valve drive, but also work with in accordance with the valve stem friction, offset by transfer medium pressure caused by unbalanced forces, thus opening the valve corresponding to regulator output control signals to achieve the correct positioning. Support the HART Protocol.

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December'15/January 2016