SCARA robot solution

Delta Industrial Automation (IA) just introduced its Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) DRS40L Series and robot solution


Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions and a global leader in thermal and power management technology, offers new SCARA Robot Solution, DRS40L series. This comprises a robot arm system that is capable of improving daily productivity by up to 3 times in certain industrial processes and can be integrated with an in-house machine vision system for smart identification, inspection tasks and more.

The SCARA Robot Solution integrates the new SCARA DRS40L Series with the robot controller ASDA-MS Series. The former offers an arm length of 400 mm, a load of 3 kg and sensor-less compliance while the latter boasts built-in servo drive technology. This unique simplified architecture enables motion control of up to 10 axes (4-axis robot + 6 external axes), which translates into daily productivity improvement by up to 3 times in certain industrial processes.

Smart identification and inspection functionalities can be added through further integration of Delta's DMS machine vision system. Delta's SCARA solution is suitable for industrial processes in the electronics, materials (rubber, plastics, metal), logistics sectors that require high-speed and high-precision such as assembly, coating, transporting and packaging.

Key attributes:

  • Excellent speed, linearity, verticality and repeatability
  • Compliance control function without sensors to compensate deviation between workpieces and insertion holes
  • Automatic process path planning
  • 4 plus 1 axis control option for customized production 
  • Easily integrates machine vision systems
  • Quick and easy robot motion programming via easy to read large size (7”) teaching pendant, PAD or IPC

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December'15/January 2016