Sensors and Controllers

Load sensor

The LoadSense cabin display is a small, lightweight, cabin / window mounted unit which is used in conjunction with our LoadSense Wireless Load Sensors to display the reading from the load sensor. Our range of Load Sensors up to 25 tonnes are shown in datasheet WLS3625R.

Unique laser sensor technology

The new, compact optoNCDT 1320 triangulation sensor from sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon offers maximum precision in a minimum of space. Due to its low weight combined with compact size, the optoNCDT 1320 can be easily integrated into restricted installation spaces and is ideally suitable for dynamic applications.

Photoelectric sensors for detection and measurement

The R100 and R101 are available in standard, assembly-compatible housing designs and offer photoelectric sensors for both detection and measurement. They include thru-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors, including those with polarization filter, foreground suppression or for detection of transparent objects, energetic reflection light scanners and those with background suppression, as well as light barriers and distance sensors for measurement tasks.


Innovations in Intelligent Combinations and Compact Design

All sensors are available with a PowerBeam LED or innovative laser technology depending on the task at hand. The latter combines the benefits of LED emitters with the strengths of conventional laser diodes. This results in optimized operating distances, high-precision detection, and distance measurement of small objects. The multipixel technology (MPT) developed by Pepperl+Fuchs and the innovative Opto-ASIC enable reliable, high-precision distance measurement to be integrated in a standardized compact housing for close-range applications. The R101 series offers the world's smallest distance sensor of its type. The innovative combination of multiturn potentiometer and pushbutton allows users to adjust all functions intuitively regardless of the series. Two LEDs show that the sensors are ready for operation and indicate their status.

Sensor Technology 4.0 Portfolio Expanded

The R100 and R101 series feature IO-Link compatibility. They are an enhancement of the Sensor Technology 4.0 portfolio from Pepperl+Fuchs, enabling Industry 4.0 production processes to be networked and availability of machines and systems to be optimized.

Noncontact Temperature Monitoring in Hazardous Areas:

Proven Raytek® MI3 Sensors Now with Ex-proof Certification

All models of the versatile Raytek® MI3 Compact Series infrared sensors are now also available as intrinsically safe versions for use in hazardous environments. Intrinsically safe devices prevent explosions in hazardous locations by limiting the energy and surface temperature of the device under normal operation, or when conditions arise that could become hazardous. Devices are approved as intrinsically safe only after passing the rigorous approval process required by a recognized entity.

Photoelectric proximity sensors

PowerProx MultiTask: The fantastic four

The new standard for reliable detection with an extended sensing range cannot be measured with a conventional yardstick. After all, with sensing ranges from 5 cm to 3.8 m, no object goes undetected by the PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensor. To achieve this, not only has SICK packed all the advantages of time-of-flight technology into the world's smallest housing, they have also increased detection speed.

Chromatic sensors for measuring displacement and thickness

Compact sensors for high precision measurements

Micro-Epsilon presents the new, confocal chromatic sensors for the confocalDT measurement system. The IFS2406 series stands out due to its compact design and high precision. As well as for distance measurements at submicrometer accuracies, the sensor is suitable for the one-sided thickness measurement of different materials.

Non-contact eddy current sensors

Precision displacement, distance and position measurement

The eddyNCDT 3005 from Micro-Epsilon is a new, powerful eddy current measurement system for fast, high precision displacement measurements. Due to its pressure-resistant, thermally stable and compact design, the eddyNCDT 3005 is ideal for machine integration.

Ultrasonic sensor, steel head for harsh environments

Hoffmann-Krippner partners with PIL for distribution in the US and Canada

PIL announces the availability of its new P53 Steel Head ultrasonic sensor for use in demanding medical, food processing and other industrial applications.








The PIL P53 Steel Head’s robust, fully encapsulated stainless steel housing with gapless transitions provides IP68 / IP69K protection class protection. Impervious to water vapor, moisture and dust, Steel Head sensors can withstand high pressure and steam jet cleaning. Their resistance to aggressive chemical cleaning agents is certified to Ecolab standards.

Vision Sensors, IV Series

The Keyence's brand has launch new vision sensor, the IV Series. The IV Series' built-in lighting, camera, and processor provide the best stable imaging in its class. Stable detection is the result of some of the vision sensor's key features:

Torque Sensors

Sensor Technology offers torque sensors. TorqSense RWT410/420 torque sensors replace the RWT310/320 series and feature all new electronics that have produced significant performance gains in resolution, frequency response, reduced sensor current consumption and faster digital data throughput. Transducer overload has also been increased to 300%.

Linear Position Sensor

We offer our customers a range of linear displacement sensors, electrical trip can be customized according to customer requirements, from 10mm to 6000mm, resolution of better than 0.01mm. Linear accuracy less than 0.01%. The mechanical linear motion into a corresponding electrical changes, the operation simple and convenient.

IP 67 Switches-OCTOPUS

No room for an enclosure? Need to resort to open cabling?

Dirt, temperature fluctuations and other critical environmental conditions at the field level? OCTOPUS has the ability for usage under extreme conditions: IP67/IP65. The open system with standardized M12 technology is ideal for field use wherever space is extremely precious.

Inductive sensors series 500 sensors with 4 times standard distance

The Contrinex vision for innovation and technological enhancement means that this company has constantly set new standards in the world of sensors.

Contrinex laid the cornerstone for enhanced sensing technology with the extremely long sensing distances of its series 500 inductive sensors. Many years later these products are still unique in terms of performance and quality. By implementing ASIC technology Contrinex took these sensors to the next level.

Inductive ring sensors

Contrinex inductive ring sensors are available in various sizes, and consequently suitable for a large range of applications. They feature a very robust, compact and universally mountable housing with integrated electronics. They are used mainly in assembly technology. In automated supply applications, they detect small metal parts in feeder tubes, and in the food industry, they guarantee the absence of metal parts in fluids, pastry, and pastes. Due to their static operating principle, the devices are also suitable for monitoring wire breakages and jams.

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