IP 67 Switches-OCTOPUS

No room for an enclosure? Need to resort to open cabling?

Dirt, temperature fluctuations and other critical environmental conditions at the field level? OCTOPUS has the ability for usage under extreme conditions: IP67/IP65. The open system with standardized M12 technology is ideal for field use wherever space is extremely precious.

The ideal switch, a real alternative when space is at a premium and applications demand rugged solutions.

The OCTOPUS family of switches, which meet all relevant industry standards, are the most robust switches currently on the market. With Power over Ethernet, Hirschmann has complemented its IP67 solutions with an absolutely future-proof technology. This is deployed in all situations where new applications and end devices such as IP cameras or IP telephones require electrical power without additional installation work. Due to the compact form factor all products in the OCTOPUS family can be mounted on the wall or directly on the machine. The IP 67 variants of the proven managed Hirschmann switches offer 8/16/24 Twisted Pair ports (each with up to 8 PoE ports), using standardized 4-pin M12 D technology. As the switches are freely cascadable, it is simple to build decentralized structured networks with the shortest possible patch cables to the end devices. The 16- and 24-port versions are also available with two 100BASE-FX uplink ports (microFX).

Standard features include :

  • Totally enclosed IP 67 design
  • ODVA-standardized 4-pin M12 D-code Ip67 Ethernet connector
  • OCTOPUS M is the industry’s first managed Ip67 switch
  • Managed via SNMP v1, v2, v3, We GUI or TELENT
  • Redundancy via HIPER-Ring and Rapid Spanning Tree
  • Redundant power supply for high availability
  • Operating temperatures as low as -40O C up to +70OC
  • External signaling of alarms via signal contact or network messaging

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December'15/January 2016