Vision Sensors, IV Series

The Keyence's brand has launch new vision sensor, the IV Series. The IV Series' built-in lighting, camera, and processor provide the best stable imaging in its class. Stable detection is the result of some of the vision sensor's key features:

  • High Precision Quad Lens eliminates image aberration 
  • Automatic light adjustment provides ideal level of brightness based on target's surface and finish 
  • Automatic focus ensures the clearest image possible 
  • High Dynamic Range is designed when varying levels of brightness are needed in one field of view

In addition to the stability, the IV's detection of color, shape, misalignment, and multiple points set it apart from both traditional sensors and other vision sensors.

IV series vision sensors has excellent interface support

The IV Series is equipped with EtherNet/IP and PROFINET communication functions, which are most commonly requested by global companies with offices around the world. PLC compatibility makes for a stress-free introduction of the IV Series into your PLC-based systems. You only need one Ethernet cable to connect, which prevents erroneous wiring and reduces time spent on wiring.

Logic Function

Output conditions can be specified with results from multiple tools, involving AND, OR, and inversion. The output can be changed according to the usage situation. For example, you might use the OK output to check for products, while the NG output could be used when eliminating defective products.

The sensors themselves offer a versatile set-up, which allows for easy installation in existing systems with or without PLCs.

FTP Client Function
Images detected by sensors are automatically transferred to the FTP server using the FTP client function. The IV Series also meets the requirements resulting from increased demand for traceability. You can save all images or send only NG images to analyse failed products.

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December'15/January 2016