Inductive ring sensors

Contrinex inductive ring sensors are available in various sizes, and consequently suitable for a large range of applications. They feature a very robust, compact and universally mountable housing with integrated electronics. They are used mainly in assembly technology. In automated supply applications, they detect small metal parts in feeder tubes, and in the food industry, they guarantee the absence of metal parts in fluids, pastry, and pastes. Due to their static operating principle, the devices are also suitable for monitoring wire breakages and jams.

The very short response time permits safe detection, even at very high target speeds (for some types, up to 35 m/s). For problem-free signal shaping at high part speed, the devices feature adjustable pulse stretching of the output signal.

Due to their construction, the devices are virtually insensitive to environmental influences. In addition, the inductive operating principle renders them highly insensitive to dirt. Connection is via a S12 connector.


  • Wide range of sizes: ring diameters from 4 ... 100 mm
  • Impact-resistant polyamide housing, POM ring, metal connector
  • Integrated evaluation unit
  • Connection by S12 connector
  • Degree of protection IP 67
  • Adjustable pulse stretching

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December'15/January 2016