Test and Measurement Instruments

WirelessHART Gas Detector with five year battery life

The new, patent pending Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector from United Electric Controls can provide explosion-proof, intrinsically-safe detection and monitoring of harmful gases for more than five years without a battery replacement.

The WirelessHART technology eliminates the need for costly wiring, which improves safety by enabling deployment of more detection points while also reducing the cost of ownership and operation. 

High-end measurement technology from Beckhoff – directly integrated into a standard PC Control platform

EtherCAT measurement technology modules – extremely accurate, fast and robust. 

Beckhoff at SPS IPC Drives 2016 in Hall 7, Booth 406 

With new EtherCAT measurement technology modules, Beckhoff charts the course for its next generation of high-precision I/Os for measurement applications. The analog input modules in metal housings integrate high-end measurement technology directly into the standard I/O system.

Beckhoff will present its new device series for high-end measurement technology at SPS IPC Drives 2016. Ultra-precise, fast and robust measurement technology modules will become an even more integrated part of PC-based control solutions. The new EtherCAT measurement technology modules can be directly integrated into the modular EtherCAT communication system and combined with the extensive portfolio of more than 500 other EtherCAT Terminals.

HART Enabled Transmitters with Integrated Switching for On-Off Control

Combining reliable temperature or pressure monitoring with digital switching reduces costs and improves safety

United Electric Controls has introduced a unique new family of HART capable transmitters that provides programmable switching functionality for industrial process monitoring applications. The new One Series 1XTXSW transmitter line is the first to integrate HART 7 compatible 4-20 mA output and two solid-state programmable relays for monitoring temperature or pressure in safety, alarm and emergency shutdown applications.

Gigabit Ethernet switches,16-port

Cost-effective and flexible: 16-port full Gigabit Ethernet in the most compact spaces
Optimised and developed for use in harsh industrial environments

Smaller, faster, more efficient – these are the new Plug & Play Full Gigabit Ethernet switches from HARTING

Smaller, faster, more efficient – these are the new Plug & Play Full Gigabit Ethernet switches from HARTING. Thanks to the world's flattest and slimmest 16-port Ethernet switches, configuring additional communications infrastructure within production facilities is fast, cost-effective and flexible. The switches’ extremely compact design means space requirements in the switch cabinet become minimal.

EtherCAT I/O system

High-precision measurement technology integrated with standard control technology 

EL3751 multi-function terminal: High-end measurement technology in the standard I/O system 

The measurement functionality of the EL3751 analog input terminal can be comprehensively parameterised, both electrically and on the software side. 

With the new EL3751 EtherCAT Terminal, Beckhoff presents a new generation of high-precision I/Os for measurement applications. At 10,000 samples per second, a measurement accuracy of ±0.01 % and 24 bit resolution, the EL3751 provides high-end measurement technology as part of the standard I/O system.

Digital type K thermocouple temperature gauge

DPG-SD-1 series Compact Round Digital Temperature Gauge for Industrial Applications

The Sensor Connection a division of Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LLC, has expanded its line of temperature measurement and control instrumentation with the addition of the model DPG-SD-1 series digital Type K thermocouple temperature gauge. 

ultrasonic sensors to measure distances

PIL Launches P43 Long Range UltraSonic Sensors. Provides industry’s greatest range - up to 6000 millimeters. PIL Partners with Hoffmann-Krippner for distribution in the US and Canada.

PIL announces the availability of its new P43 ultrasonic sensors to measure distances. Applications include object recognition for agriculture and fluid levels, distance measuring for trucks and loading ramps, level sensing in dusty conditions, parking lot detection/barrier monitoring as well as a variety of other industrial and manufacturing applications.

Combines the Functionality of a Power Quality Meter, Oscilloscope and Data Logger in a Single, Handheld Tool

Fluke Corporation, an industry innovator in compact, professional electronic test tools has announced the re-launch of Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter, designed as a tool for servicing and commissioning electronic switching loads including variable frequency drives, electronic lighting and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Combining the functionality of a power quality meter, oscilloscope and data logger, the Fluke 345 features a convenient clamp-on design for measuring the most common power quality parameters. It features a colour display for viewing measurements in real time, and can log data to memory for analysis with the included Power Log software.

Large Display Digital Indicator

Emtech Controls, Ahmedabad – India has recently launched large display Digital Indicator –in 4 Inch size. This one and only indicator have 0 to 9999 display count. It has signal Input from 0 to 10V DC / 0 to 20 mA DC or 4 to 20 mA, proxi input, encoder input or 24V DC pulse / 230V AC pulse.

Multifunctional Meter, digital-ND20

  • Measurement of power network parameters in 4- wire balanced and unbalanced systems.
  • Indications considering values of programmed ratios.
  • Harmonics of voltages and currents (selectively).
  • THD factors for currents and voltages.
  • Profile of 15, 30, 60-minutes’ power (9000 measurements).
  • Configured watt-hour meter for the selected harmonic.
  • Backlit LCD 3.5” screen.
  • Protection grade from the frontal side: IP65.
  • Digital transmission to the master system through the RS-485 interface (MODBUS).

Isolation reed relays

Standex-Meder Electronics, a manufacturer of standard and custom electro-magnetic components, including magnetics products and reed switch-based solutions,announces its KT Series of high isolation reed relays. The KT Series is ideal for use in green applications, such as photovoltaic technology or hybrid vehicles. It is particularly helpful in measuring isolation resistance across several components in a solar energy system prior to grid connection, preventing injury or further current leakages.


USB DAQ devices, low cost

Measurement Computing Corporation, the value leader in data acquisition, today announced the release of four low-cost USB DAQ devices. The USB-200 Series confirms MCC as the leading supplier for low-cost USB DAQ.

The USB-200 Series offers eight, 12-bit analogue inputs plus eight digital I/O, and one counter input. OEM board-only versions of each device are designed for embedded applications and feature header connectors instead of screw terminals.

Cognex Introduces New Lighting And Optics Features For Dataman 300 Series

Cognex Corporation has introduced new lighting and optics features for its DataMan® 300 series of industrial barcode readers. Since its launch, DataMan 300 has quickly become the preferred barcode reader due to its outstanding read rate performance and ease of use. The demand is now set to continue with the introduction of the most flexible optics and lighting features available on any image-based fixed-mount barcode reader.

Cold Store Scanner with Intelligent Heating

Difficult ambient conditions sometimes exist during the processing, transportation, and identification of products, such as large below-zero temperatures. However, normal automation components such as barcode scanners are generally not suitable for operation in cold storage warehouses. Instead, special device designs are needed for this in which frequently reduced performance values must be taken into account. Systems that are not subject to restrictions are of more interest here.

Code Readers, OPC 120 with an Innovative Polarization Filter that Reads Even on Reflective Surfaces

Vision Sensors today can be highly sophisticated systems, as illustrated by the new OPC 120 Series code reader for 1-D and 2-D codes. In addition to its functionality, compact design, and high speed, the special features of this device include a polarization filter for reading high-gloss materials and a PROFINET connection.

OPC120P-reliable reading on reflective surfaces

Thermal imaging camera with cooled InSb detector

FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras are used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and thermal variations in real-time, allowing engineers and researchers to see and accurately measure heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other temperature factors in equipment, products and processes.

FLIR Systems launches FLIRA6700sc. Compact, thermal imaging camera with cooled InSb detector at an extremely affordable price.

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