WirelessHART Gas Detector with five year battery life

The new, patent pending Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector from United Electric Controls can provide explosion-proof, intrinsically-safe detection and monitoring of harmful gases for more than five years without a battery replacement.

The WirelessHART technology eliminates the need for costly wiring, which improves safety by enabling deployment of more detection points while also reducing the cost of ownership and operation. 

Additional performance improvement and cost reduction features include adjustable update rate; reliable, secure encrypted AES-128 bit communications; seamless integration with open control networks; interchangeable sensors; plug-and-play interoperability; and high environmental resistance.

“The cost of adding one new gas detector measurement point, including the cost and labor of obtaining ‘hot’ work permits, running conduits for wires, burying them, and so on, can be in the neighborhood of $10,000 per device for land-based systems and as much as five times more for offshore applications,” said Wil Chin, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, United Electric Controls. 

 “Wireless technology can reduce that cost  up to 90 percent while also making the plant much safer. The Vanguard can be dropped into any WirelessHART network in your plant today — just input the network I.D. and join key and allow the gateway/self-organizing network to do the rest.”

The lower price of design and installing wireless technology makes it more cost-effective to add sensing devices at multiple locations, detecting leaks that a sparse array of wired units might not notice until the situation had advanced to more harmful levels. Field-interchangeable gas sensor modules detect and record hydrogen sulfide (H2S)or methane (CH4)gas in parts per million (ppm) or percent of lower explosive limits (LELs) respectively along with network and battery status. WirelessHART  7.2 technology carries signals to local 128 x 64 pixel  digital displays or other IEC 62591 compliant connections — all of which integrates seamlessly with existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or asset management (AMS) systems.

The Vanguard detector can be easily calibrated and tested onsite with a touch of a button. The detector can be mounted anywhere and its seamless, plug-and-play interoperability saves additional setup time and hassle.  Class 1, Div. 1&2 certification and an explosion-proof and intrinsically safe design help ensure trouble-free operation in hazardous environments.

The Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector Carries ATEX and IECEx approvals is available immediately for beta test.

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December'15/January 2016