Wireless Automation

Wireless sensor system: Condition monitoring of rapidly moving parts

Maintenance-free condition monitoring without cables

HARTING highlighed a further development of the Embedded Transponder Base (ETB) at the SPS trade fair.

The Embedded Transponder Base (ETB) enters the next round. Entirely wireless, an object is clearly identified and its condition is monitored from a distance of several metres. To date it has been possible to poll four discrete conditions. The future model will acquire analogue measurements independently of the field bus and provider, and transfer them without wires or batteries. HARTING presented this solution at SPS IPC Drives from 24 to 26 November 2015 (Hall 10, Stand 140).

Wireless I/O system, multi point

Now transfer I/O and Modbus data easily with ProSoft Technology’s Multi-Point Wireless I/O system

ProSoft Technology has expanded its Wireless I/O family with the new Multi-Point Wireless I/O system.

This system allows users to transfer I/O or Modbus® data to and from multiple locations without the hassle of wires, conduit, trenching, or permits. The secure system deploys quickly and can be used inside or outdoors in a variety of industries. The system can be expanded as the needs of the user’s application expand. Three module types – two analog and one digital – allow users to customize their setup.

Harnessing solution for automation-IP67 Class

HSA-67 Series (Patent Pending)

Reduce material and labor, be eco friendly

Penetrating global competition and growing operational expenses are forcing OEMs to speed production, and control costs without negotiating quality, system accessibility and consistency.

Recently Katlax has come out with innovative solution to compete these crunches and introduced pioneer harnessing solution for automation-IP67 Class. These solutions can help to reduce costs through increased efficiencies and improved operations by reducing material and labor cost.

Bluetooth interface developed for wireless TorqSense

A Bluetooth interface and Android app have been developed by Sensor Technology Ltd for its non-contact torque sensor, the TorqSense.

Bluetooth interface wireless TorqSense

TorqSense is unusual in that it does not have to be physically connected to the shaft whose torque level is being measured. Instead two tiny piezoelectric combs are glued onto the shaft and an adjacent radio transmitter/pickup monitors their distortion due to the shaft’s rotation, using radio frequency waves. There is no physical connection between shaft and sensor, hence no need for delicate wiring or fiddly slip rings.    

Remote Communication


Worldwide Remote Access: Access your distributed systems worldwide – with innovative solution concepts from Phoenix Contact.

The connection of remote system parts, and the remote maintenance of machines and systems is becoming increasingly important in various industry sectors. More and more customers are recognizing the need for precise alarm generation in the event of an error and also want to be able to keep an eye on all parts of the system at all times or access active processes remotely.

Wirelessly Connecting Devices

For several years, the Anybus Wireless Bridge has been a popular solution to replace Ethernet cabling with a Bluetooth or WLAN connection. After the acquisition of the wireless gateways from u-blox/connectBlue in September, HMS Industrial Networks can now present an expanded suite of Anybus Wireless Bridge products for connecting industrial devices wirelessly.

Antaira’s Outdoor IP67 Wireless AP/Client/Bridge

Antaira Technologies is a leading developer and supplier of Device Networking and is proud to introduce its first-everlong distance IP67 Wireless Outdoor AP/Client/Bridge called the APX-110N5. Antaira Technologies’ new APX-110N5 wireless device isa managed unit with a built-in Web Console that allows users to configure the unit as a Wireless Access Point, Client, or Bridge. 

RS232 to Wireless Converter

The Katlax has recently launched RS232 to Wireless converter. RS232 to ZigBee Wireless Converter converts RS232 signal into ZigBee compatible. It accepts data string through RS232 communication link and transfers it via ZigBee Wireless or vice versa.

This device is a gateway between RS-232 and Wireless communications. It allows almost any serial device to be connected to a new or existing Wireless network.

Wireless I/O Junction Boxes

Katlax, sensors and automation company offers ‘Venus series’ for different types of I/O Junction Boxes like Zig Bee Wireless, Cable type, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, Connector Type & Terminal Block type with different no. of I/O channels – 4 ,6, 8.

Wireless communication is the new-generation communication technology that allows machines to talk effortlessly and minimizes the requirement of scarcely available resources. Wireless communication is reliable, speedy, and dependable for data acquisition, storage and is eco-friendly.

Wireless I/O Junction box transfers status of input devices as well as activate output devices through respective communication method. It has a very wide application in field of machine to machine communication. It eliminates individual wiring of each sensor. Thus it “Reduces Material and saves Labour cost”.

Technical specification:

  • PBT Plastic Housing
  • Operating Voltage: 10 – 30 VDC
  • No. of Channels: 4
  • Environment Protection: IP55
  • Max. Rated current: 350mA
  • I/O Connection: M12 Female Connector
  • Communication Topology: Pont to Point

These modern devices are useful for Pharmaceutical industry, CNC machinery, Textile machinery, Food processing industry (all automation applications) and more.

Ultrafast automation with reACTION technology

B&R reduces cycle times in peripheral devices to 1 µs

With reACTION technology, B&R is able to reduce cycle times in industrial automation down to 1 µs. This new approach allows extremely time-critical subprocesses to be managed using standard hardware – all within the requirements of IEC 61131– while cutting costs by reducing the load on the controller and optimizing performance to match demands.

B&R's reACTION technology: Groundbreaking 1 µs cycle times using standard X67 series components.

Limitless wireless non-contact switch

Non-Contact Technology Increases Flexibility, Reduces Maintenance Costs, and Increases Productivity

Honeywell has expanded its Limitless™ Wireless Solutions portfolio with the introduction of its new Limitless™ Non-Contact Switch WLS Series. The new WLS Series switch uses non-contact technology, enabling the device to actuate based on the presence or absence of magnets installed on a customer's device – making it suitable for harsh operating environments.

Temperature and RH Wireless Transmitter - RHT-Air

The RHT-Air is a wireless transmitter that when coupled with the AirGate-Modbus provides an
Excellent solution for wireless monitoring of temperature and relative humidity variables. Together, they combine the ease of configuration and data acquisition operation of the RHT-RS485-LCD, which connects directly to a Modbus RTU bus, with the versatility of the wire-free installation of LogBox-RHT.

Through the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless interface, multiple RHT-Airs may talk to one or more AirGates, providing this way USB and RS485 communication paths to the main application.

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