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Worldwide Remote Access: Access your distributed systems worldwide – with innovative solution concepts from Phoenix Contact.

The connection of remote system parts, and the remote maintenance of machines and systems is becoming increasingly important in various industry sectors. More and more customers are recognizing the need for precise alarm generation in the event of an error and also want to be able to keep an eye on all parts of the system at all times or access active processes remotely.

In addition, the discontinuation of numerous permanent lines by Telecom Companies also increases demand for new solutions for the remote monitoring of system parts.

With our products for industrial remote communication, you can reach remote machines or mobile devices located anywhere in the world. This device family offers all the options for remote control, remote maintenance or alarm generation – whether via analog dial-up connection, DSL high-speed line or 3G wireless connection.

Remote maintenance via GSM/GPRS/EDGE

The GSM Ethernet modem allows remote maintenance of machines and systems over safe VPN connections via GPRS/EDGE. A system-wide remote maintenance of all components connected in the network, such as drives, controllers, operator panels or visualization PCs, is implemented via the integrated Ethernet connection. Data is transmitted via a VPN tunnel and is encrypted on the basis of the IPSec safety protocol.

Worldwide alarm generation via SMS and e-mail.

Ensure that you are always promptly informed of faults in your machines and systems and avoid costly damage. Phoenix Contact will provide assistance in the form of various alarm messaging solutions.

Industrial mobile phone devices, such as the SMS relay with configurable warning and alarm inputs, are ideally suited for monitoring small applications. For a higher number of messages, the freely programmable ILC 151 GSM/GPRS compact controller is available. Both solutions can be used to send text messages as SMS, fax or e-mail messages and set one or more partner switching outputs.

Advantages of these mobile network systems : 

  • No telephone connections or lines required
  • GSM networks are globally available
  • Often reaches remote station with a standard mobile phone
  • All applications are very easy to handle

The  Resy ODP function block library enables open and secure communication, from PLC to VISU+ SCADA software. Open Data Port, or ODP for short, is an intelligent and cost - effective method for data transmission using the ResyODP function block library. It provides an open, GPRS - based communication to all OPC based process control systems.  Event-based telecontrol protocol ODP (Open Data Port) has the advantage that all data can be transmitted with a time stamp, the data volume is kept low and can be cached events in case of a communication break. How many events can be archived depends on the storage size of each shared control.

In addition, we can save on additional hardware as VISU+ mobile visualization app can be used on conventional smartphones or tablets to perform operation and monitoring. This means that conventional SCADA functions such as trend display or alarm handling, SMS send/receive can now also be processed on mobile consumer devices. The app runs on both the iOS and Android operating systems.

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