Harnessing solution for automation-IP67 Class

HSA-67 Series (Patent Pending)

Reduce material and labor, be eco friendly

Penetrating global competition and growing operational expenses are forcing OEMs to speed production, and control costs without negotiating quality, system accessibility and consistency.

Recently Katlax has come out with innovative solution to compete these crunches and introduced pioneer harnessing solution for automation-IP67 Class. These solutions can help to reduce costs through increased efficiencies and improved operations by reducing material and labor cost.

A harness solution for automation – IP67 class offers the widest range of options for the most challenging requirements and applications. Through innovative end to end solutions, these solutions can increase machines and plants productivity, reduce wire installation, material, labor costs, and improve reliability.

These solutions ideally design for combination of M10/M12 connectors for I/O

Salient features:

  • International standardization Bus connectors for sensors and actuators
  • Enhanced safety
  • Minimize inter-connection errors
  • Simplified diagnosis by visual indications for supply and signals
  • High reliability due to pre-molded assembly
  • No possibility of Human errors
  • Compact Miniaturized construction
  • Flexibility in using any combination of I/O connectors
  • Flexibility of cable length, material (PVC, PUR, TEFLON etc with large combination of Harnessing
  • Cost effective customized solutions to boost product USP
  • More than 100 I/P and I/O connector combinations
  • Confirming to IEC 61076-2-101 and IEC 61076-2-104

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