RS232 to Wireless Converter

The Katlax has recently launched RS232 to Wireless converter. RS232 to ZigBee Wireless Converter converts RS232 signal into ZigBee compatible. It accepts data string through RS232 communication link and transfers it via ZigBee Wireless or vice versa.

This device is a gateway between RS-232 and Wireless communications. It allows almost any serial device to be connected to a new or existing Wireless network.


  • RS232 : Baud rate 9600 bps
  • RS232 :24 VDC supply
  • Serial Interface Communication Topology : Multi Drop
  • Compatible with Rs232
  • Baud Rate up-to 15200 bps
  • DB-9 Female Connector
  • LEDs for indicating ZigBee Wireless Connectivity

Up to 250 kbps RF data Rate
Specifications : ZigBee Wireless Interface
Protocol : ZigBee
Frequency : 2.4 Ghz
RF Data Rate : 250 kbps
Range : 50m to 60m Indoor and 500m Outdoor (Line of Sight)
Commn. Topology : Point to Point

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December'15/January 2016